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eSpotter Online Weather Reporting System

Spotter Interface Documentation

Logon ScreeneSpotter Login

To logon to the eSpotter system, click here and a new browser window will open allowing you to take a tour of the system. You will find a screen with several items of interest on it.

eSpotter Logon

Enter your eMail address and password in the dialog box that appears when you go to the main eSpotter page. Then, press the "Log on" button.

If you do not have an account with eSpotter you can request one.

eSpotter Online Access Request

The use of the system is currently intended for trained spotters and Emergency Managers. If you live in an area covered by the eSpotter system, you can register to request access to the eSpotter system.

The system is available for transmission of non-critical, non-time-sensitive information that does not pose an immediate danger to life and property. It is very important to have a readily available backup communication method for relaying reports. Relay reports with critical, time-sensitive and life-saving information through your regular communication methods first.

Forgotten Your Password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can get it here. It will be reset and the new password will be eMailed to you.

Note: If you have problems with your password it may be due to it being reset.

Now that we have logged into the eSpotter system, lets take a look at the Main Menu. The Main Menu will look similar to the graphic below.

Whole Main Menu

The Main Menu consists of a left part, top part, right part and center part. First, lets take a look at the left part.

Main Menu (left)

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